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“Bringing exciting elements of murder, politics, journalism, and ethics, this novel kept me guessing who till the very end. The Question is Murder is a breath of fresh literary air in a world of much predictability.”

 -McKay Wommack, Reedsy Discovery

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Jonas Hawke Series

Hawke’s Point

A heart stent that may save lives—or end them—creates an ethical minefield that threatens the future of an entire town in this first of the Jonas Hawke novels.

Hawke’s Return

When a teen cries #metoo with nothing but her word to back it up, Jonas is left to sort out a mystery that could destroy the career of a man who may be innocent .

Hawke’s Discovery

Hints of a dark secret from the past could easily upend the gubernatorial election in Vermont, putting Jonas on the spot in the latest Jonas Hawke novel.



Book Recommendations: Strout, Veronesi, Thompson, Wilson and More

It’s been too long since I’ve posted but I’ve been busy reading so many good books I couldn’t stop, and now I want to recommend the best of the group. I’m splitting the list between general/contemporary/literary fiction and mystery/suspense thrillers. A recent blog tour for my last book garnered a...


Why Listening to Ann Patchett Is Precious

I don’t read a lot of essays and I don’t listen to a lot of audiobooks, but I make an exception when Ann Patchett is reading her own essay collections. The combination is perfect and I savor every word. The essays are so intensely personal and revealing and so honestly...


Three Great Books for Reading and Giving

The Vixen I always pick up a Francine Prose novel with trepidation, only because of the commandments in her wonderful 2011 guide, How to Read Like a Writer. Her rules include: read very slowly, assume the author chose every word for a reason, know that every mention of a book...


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Tired of reading about the election? My new blog post has some better options -- several terrific novels I've enjoyed the last several weeks while keeping my head in the political sand. https://bit.ly/33e8ryN

Tired of reading about the election? My latest blog post recommends some great books to take your mind off politics. https://bit.ly/33e8ryN
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