The Question Is Murder

Washington D.C. newspaper columnist Sam Turner, known to his readers as Mr. Ethics, faces his toughest moral dilemma yet: Can murder ever be justified?

That’s the question posed to him by a mysterious young woman who says she is being stalked and threatened by an ex-lover too powerful to be stopped any other way. Sam knows that journalists should never get personally involved in a story, but he finds he is being drawn deeper and deeper into this one whether he wants it or not.

So when Senator Wade Morgan turns up murdered, Sam fears the worst. Worried about his own involvement, the man who normally has all the answers is now the one making questionable decisions.

As his investigation into the Senator’s death begins to spin out of control, Sam finds he can’t let go-even as the case grows more complicated and the threats against his life become more immediate.

With the fate of a young woman at stake and his own life in jeopardy, Sam can’t back down until the killer-whoever that may be-is brought to justice. But this is D.C., and justice can be in short supply.

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“Alex Cross meets Lisbeth Salander meets Mickey Haller in Mark Willen’s mystery thriller The Question is Murder. Bringing exciting elements of murder, politics, journalism, and ethics, this novel kept me guessing who till the very end….The Question is Murder is a breath of fresh literary air in a world of much predictability.”

— McKay Wommack, Reedsy Discovery

“I’m grateful for this smart and fast-paced mystery. I love the combination of ethical questions with a mystery’s puzzle. Although much more serious in tone, Willen’s book satisfies me the way Alexander McCall Smith’s series about Isabel Dalhousie does…Sam Turner—perceptive, principled, flawed—is a character I’m happy to spend time with. I hope there are more books featuring Mr. Ethics to come.”

—Barbara Morrison, Monday Morning Books

“An exciting, thought-provoking mystery from journalist, Mark Willen, author of the acclaimed Jonas Hawke series.”

—Hank Parker, author of Containment

“This suspense filled book is an inventive tale of intrigue, jealousy and revenge that kept me turning pages to uncover the solution.”

—Millie Mack, author of the Faraday Murder Series

“Mark Willen delivers more than an intriguing plot and engaging characters in his latest novel. His deep interest in journalism ethics adds intellectual stimulation to a fast-paced mystery. Deftly written and thoroughly enjoyable.”

—Eileen Haavik McIntire, author of the 90s Club Mystery Series.

Mark Willen